Aims & Objective

❖ Aims & Objectives of the society:

1. To provide a common platform for all Metro Rail Companies, Regional Rail Transport system (RRTS) /Mono Rail Organization, etc. in India in terms of sharing knowledge, experience, information, best practices, innovations in all aspects of urban rail transport and learn from one another in order to improve performance of members.

2. To undertake and promote techno-economic studies and research into matters pertaining to planning Metro Rail Projects/ organization, RRTS / Mono Rail Organization, etc.

3. To make efforts for research and development of Metro Rail technologies so that India can emerge as the world leader in Metro Rail technologies.

4. To offer complete solution to Metro Rail, RRTS, Mono Rail management and to create a resource of information as a tool for decision making.

5. To bring together various National organizations involved in Metro Rail, Regional Rail Transport System (RRTS)/ Mono Rail Organization etc and allied activities and to maintain liaison between Central Govt. and the concerned State Govt(s).

6. To advise regarding highest standards in the operation and maintenance of metro system so as to ensure the safety and comfort of the commuters.

7. To promote the culture and standardization in the functioning of Metro Rail, RRTS/ Mono Rail Organization, etc.

8. To provide forum for exchange of ideas on best practices on various issues to facilitate operational excellence and to inspire excellence through innovation and sharing useful information and cutting edge knowledge and expertise.

9. To advise regarding standardization of different technical parameters including Gauge, Track fittings, Rolling Stock, Traction, Signaling and Ticketing, etc.

10. To work for the welfare and betterment of Metro Rail companies in India including private sector Metro Rail Companies, RRTS/ Mono Rail Organization.

11. To identify the areas of training requirements for different categories, making uniform modules, and making limited efforts for uniform training of different categories of manpower in consultation with Metro Companies.

12. To maintain and encourage friendly relations to secure co-operation amongst the Metro Rail Companies, RRTS/ Mono Rail Organization etc and to protect the interest of the Metro Rail companies and persons engaged or connected therewith.

13. To safeguard the interest and rights of Metro Rail Companies, RRTS/ Mono Rail Organization etc. & to provide social security to the Metro Rail Companies, RRTS/ Mono Rail Organization, etc.

14. To advise regarding indigenization of different technologies equipments, spare parts and other store items, which are not manufactured/ available in India

15. To act as a common platform and function as store house of various information such as technical, non-technical, financial, operational and others and disseminate the same with regard to Metro Rail Systems in India.

16. To spread the useful knowledge amongst the members of the society regarding their rights and duties toward the general public.

17. To collect statistical and other information relating to the Metro Rail Companies. RRTS/ Mono Rail Organization etc and circulate the same amongst the members of the Society.

18. To nominate delegates, advisers for representing the association before local bodies, public institutions, Chambers of Commerce, Committees appointed by local, provincial, or State/ Central Government and at seminar, workshops and conference.

19. To affiliate with international transport and allied bodies for promotion and mutual exchange of knowledge amongst the members.

20. To cooperate with research institutions and other organizations in collection and exchange of technical information pertaining to Metro Rail Companies, RRTS/ Mono Rail Organization, etc., subject to the consent of the concerned Metro Company.

21. To establish educational training centers as well as guidance center for the students and unemployed youths and to provide specialized training in Metro, RRTS, Mono Rail related activities to all related staff as certified courses.

22. To conduct meets such as conference, convocations, workshops, seminars, etc.

23. To purchase, lease or otherwise acquire, hold, manage, let, sell, exchange, mortgage or otherwise dispose of movable or immovable property of every description and all rights or privileges necessary or convenient for the purpose of the Society and in particular any land, building, furniture, books, newspaper, periodicals, instruments, fittings, appliances, apparatus, conveyance and accommodation and when deemed necessary or desirable in the interest of the Society, sell, let, hire out, mortgage, transfer or otherwise dispose of the same.

24. To give assistance to other social and charitable institution engaged in service to living being and to arrange lectures and functions, which may be useful to increase the knowledge and national spirit amongst the general people.

25. To arrange educational tours in India & abroad with intentions to fulfill the objectives of the Society.

26. To encourage the members to take an active and abiding interest in the work and progress of the Society.

27. To establish/ facilitate networking and joint collaborative initiatives with similar organizations would over in order to learn best practices, benchmarking, industry standards, technology, resources, etc., in urban rail transport.

28. To facilitate sharing of resources and expertise among the Metro/ RRTS/ Mono Rail organizations.

29. To establish a common online knowledge portal to consolidate all the data/ information, etc., on urban rail network in the country. The data could be in terms of passenger footfall, Peak Hour Peak Direction Traffic, ticketing, etc. The portal should also facilitate sharing of white papers, thought leaderships, research papers on urban rail transportation on limited access basis.

30. To provide an effective forum for members of the Society to safeguard, protest, defend, promote and advance the interest of its members.

31. To do all other lawful acts as may be conducive for the attainment of aims and objectives of the Society and to do all related activities and services.

32. To carry on any other object for ensuring attainment of main objective as may be decided by the Governing Body.

33. To maintain confidentiality of the information shared by the members.