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DMRC : Kiosk Policy

1. Location of kiosks will be identified by operations such that it does not effect / hinder the passenger flow and sites frozen. Wiring route plan will be approved by Chief General Manager / Electrical. Locations shall not be changed unless due to some new operational requirements.

2. Standard size of kiosk shall be 4 Sqm. Design shall be standard as approved by Chief Architect.

3. Cable routing plan approved for each of the approved identified sites shall be done by office of Chief General Manager / Electrical prior to allotment.

4. Kiosk locations will be within the station premises for terms of 3 years which may be extended for further 3 years on mutually agreeable terms and conditions and keeping in view the overall past performance, dues, complaints, violation of contract conditions, etc. In only very rare and exceptional cases, kiosks can be located outside station but within DMRC premises with prior concurrence and approval of the PD Cell.

5. Existing allotments:
  • Cases where kiosks already allotted outside – continue till natural or premature termination. Renewals to be only taken up for those cases where encroachment or nuisance is a problem and aesthetic look of station is not compromised. Renewals to be done with the approval of competent authority (General Manager / Operations).
  • Cases where LOA already issued for spaces allotted outside but the kiosk not installed at the handed over site – No allotment should be done. Either they may be relocated at alternate space inside same station and if the alternate space is not given then the security deposit taken for that space may be refunded and license fee will not be charged. The tenure will be co-terminus with the main agreement.
  • Kiosks allotted to parties outside but removed due to action of civic agencies - Alternate locations may be provided inside same / alternate station subject to availability and as per extant scheme, to be co-terminus with the main agreement. No extension of license period. If the alternate space is not given then the security deposit taken for that space may be refunded and license fee will not be charged.
  • Spaces inside stations for which the LOA has already been issued and kiosks are still to be placed may be permitted, subject to availability and feasibility of the space. In case there is any change in the commitment made by DMRC, e.g. if there is change in discount structure for license fee because of spaces not being given by DMRC, then the license fee will be charged as per the discount structure already committed by DMRC.
  • Existing kiosks allotted under the extant discount policy will be allowed to continue till the natural or premature termination and the tenure of all additional kiosks allotted under this scheme shall be co-terminus with their respective original agreements. Renewals of the existing kiosks can be done after negotiating the rates and as per mutually agreed terms and conditions. All vacated sites will be offered under auctioning scheme only.

6. Pending allotments:
  • In Noida - Anand Vihar line, allotment is to be done as per published scheme on first cum first serve basis / draw of lots, with no outside spaces & a principle of only 4 food kiosks per station without dilution of any criteria as in the published scheme.
  • For Qutab Minar - Huda City Centre line, the allotments will be made as per the published scheme without any dilution in criteria as in the scheme.

7. Future allotments:
  • Future allotments shall be done station wise through a process of open tendering for big areas and auction for standard kiosks without dilution of any criteria and stringent verification of identification, like requirement of PAN card, Bank a/c & residential proof etc. All food kiosk shall provide 200 ml of water @ `2/-.
  • Food kiosk to be only in unpaid areas shall be limited to 4 per station. All food kiosks operators must adhere to industry standards such as ISO FSC, HACCP, etc. They should have at least 25 Food and Beverage outlets operational in India or abroad. They must have valid health licenses or if existing licensee of DMRC, then he should have applied for health license and PFA certificate, as applicable. It would be mandatory for them to sell 200 ml water @ `2/-. The rate will be consonance with the Rail Neer i.e. if the rate for rail neer doubles then the rates for selling water through kiosks at DMRC stations will also be revised proportionately. However, in bigger areas with seating capacity kiosks may be permitted in paid area also.
  • Non-food kiosk can be located any where inside the paid / unpaid area as per approved location plan. The kiosk operator in these cases must have been in retail business in the last 3 years and should have at least 25 outlets operational in India or abroad. The firm / party should have valid trade license or if existing licensee of DMRC, then he should have applied for trade license, as applicable.
  • Present system of pegging reserve price based on ridership to be continued in the initial phase. Later on, the reserve price may be related to actual response of the market.
  • Sites to be handed over only after agreement and after actual measurement, followed by creation of lease out in SAP. (Plan with signatures of all parties along with photographic evidence shall be placed in record).
  • PSU / GOI bodies that are willing to install the kiosks may be considered on same principle / criterion through direct negotiation.