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Ans: No. initially a few identified gates shall be opened. Please visit our website
www.delhimetrorail.com for a detailed list. The same may be reviewed from time to time.

Ans: No. The temperatures of all passengers will be checked at the entrance. Any
passenger with fever, cough or cold like symptoms will be denied entry.

Ans: No, masks are mandatory for travel in the Metro. Any passenger without mask will
be denied entry.

Ans: Yes. Smart card recharge/ purchase facility will be available at the stations.
However, only digital modes of payment will be accepted. Passengers are also advised
to recharge their smart cards online for convenient travel.

Ans: No cash transaction shall be facilitated at the Metro stations. Passengers must
carry their credit/ debit cards for recharge of smart cards.

Ans: Tokens will not be issued at the Metro stations till further orders. Travel will be
facilitated only through smart cards.

Ans: Detailed guidelines have been issued by concerned authorities regarding the use
of air conditioning in various premises. They are being stringently followed in the Delhi
Metro. Temperature in the trains shall be maintained at about 24-28 degree Celsius.

Ans: All commuters are requested to follow social distancing norms. They may also
politely counsel fellow commuters in case, the norms are not followed. In case of any
emergency, they may contact DMRC helpline at 155370.

Ans: All guidelines prescribed by the government for air passengers shall have to be
followed by the passenger. If after all mandatory checks, the passenger is allowed to
move out of the airport and take a conveyance, he/she may board the Metro. However,
while entering the Metro station, he/she would be thermal screened and will have to
mandatorily wear a mask.

Ans: Yes. Assistance shall be provided to the divyang passengers. However, adequate
social distancing as well as hygiene related precautions shall be taken. The wheel
chairs shall be adequately sanitised and kept at a secured location.

Ans: The process of entry to Metro stations may take longer than usual. All
passengers will undergo thermal screening and will have to sanitise their hands.
Frisking will be done strictly while maintaining social distancing. Therefore, the whole
process may take more time than usual.

Ans: The dwell time at stations has been increased to ensure boarding/ de-boarding
while adhering to social distancing norms. Therefore, the overall travelling time has
increased a little bit on all sections.

Ans: There will be provision for sanitisation of hands at all Metro stations. However,
passengers may also carry their own sanitizers with them.

Ans: All passengers are advised to use the Aarogya Setu app as per government