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Guidelines for passengers

Guidelines for corona

  • Passengers will sit on alternate seats in the train or stand, maintaining a gap of one meter. Suitable marking on the seats have been made.
  • The dwell time of trains will be substantially increased so that passengers have sufficient time to board and alight. This will avoid pushing by passengers.
  • Trains will not stop at the stations falling in containment zones.
  • Passengers are advised to use Áarogya Setu App.
  • Thermal screening to all the passengers will be done at the frisking points.
  • Mask will be mandatory for all passengers.
  • Sanitizer will be provided at the frisking point.
  • 2-3 passengers will be permitted inside the lift depending on the size of lift.
  • Passengers will be advised to stand on alternate steps of escalators.
  • Passengers having temperature or sign of COVID-19 will not be allowed to travel.
  • Tokens will not be permitted for travelling, only smart cards will be allowed.
  • All transactions for recharge of cards, etc will be through cashless modes, tokens will not be allowed for travel, only smart card/QR code will be allowed, ticket vending machine will not accept cash.
  • Penalties regarding violation of various norms under Delhi Metro O&M Act will be realised from the passengers through digital means only.
  • For grievance redressal, passengers will be encouraged to register their feedback through digital means (email, social media, helpline etc.) only. Passenger complaint book at stations will be discontinued for the time being.
  • To ensure compliance to new travel protocol at stations/trains, public is advised to take extra time of around 10-15 minutes for their daily commute.
  • Hand sanitizers by passengers will not be permitted beyond 30 ml quantity. Public is advised to keep only pocket size hand sanitizers, if any, with them during the travel. It is also advised to travel with minimum luggage and avoid carrying metallic items.