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Automatic Ticketing

Delhi Metro has introduced, for the first time in the country, ticketing and passenger control through a completely Automatic Fare Collection system.

The ticket, which could be a card or a token, is purchased from the Ticket Counter. The passenger then proceeds to one of several gates that separate the Paid Area from the Unpaid Area. Here, the passenger will hold the ticket close to the machine to the right of the gate. If valid, the gates will open automatically, and the passenger can pass to the Paid Area. If not valid, then the passenger will need to contact the Customer Service Staff.

Ticket Options:

(A) Travel Card :

  •  • Most convenient for a frequent commuter. The minimum amount payable at the time of purchase of a new card would be Rs 100/- including refundable security of Rs. 50/-. Subsequent recharge of the card can be done at Customer Care Centers of any station with a minimum value of Rs. 100/- and up to Rs. 1000/-.

  • Following options are available to commuters to recharge the travel cards :-

    (i)   At CCC – on payment of cash, facility available at all stations.
    (ii) At TVM – on payment of cash, facility available at selected stations.
    (iii)  At POS – through Credit/Debit Card of any bank, facility available at selected stations.
    (iv) Web Top Up – at DMRC Smart Card Portal The steps are-1 Visit 2- Enter the amount and card information, 3- Secure pay with Credit/Debit Card or Net Banking and 4- Go to AVMs installed at majority stations. Click here to view the list of stations.
    (v)  SMS - ICICI account users can also recharge their cards with SMS facility. To view the format and other details, please visit After sending the SMS, present the card at AVMs installed at majority stations. Click here to view the list of stations.
    (vi)  Auto Top Up - The DMRC Customers can avail the facility of auto top of Metro smart cards through the Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) Entry gate. With this facility, the commuters can top up their smart cards at the AFC entry gate itself.
  • Passenger needs to fill the Standing Instructions form by giving mandate to deduct the particular amount from his credit/debit card. For availing services, Passenger is advised to contact ICICI Bank.
  • After successful registration, the Passenger is required to activate the Auto Top- Up facility at EFO of the designated locations.
  • Once the Smart Card gets registered for the auto Top-Up facility, the auto Top-up instruction shall be executed automatically at AFC Entry gate and Add Value of Rs 200.00 will be done on the card when the balance of the smart card goes below Rs.100.00 (Auto Top Threshold). Later, Rs 200 will be debited from Passenger account and credited to DMRC account.

  • (vii)  Top up at Buisness Correspondent of ICICI Bank outlets :- At over 1000 outlets in the city just by paying cash.For more information Click here

    - Validity: Ten Years from the date of purchase or one year from the date of last recharge whichever is later.
    - Renewal: Rs. 25/- will be charged for renewal of cards whose validity has been expired.
    - Facility to check balance on Card: Ticket Reading Machines available at all Metro Stations.

    (B)  Tourist Card:

  • Suitable for unlimited travel over short duration on all DMRC lines except Airport Line. . Two types of tourist cards are presently available :-
  • - One Day Card : available at a cost of Rs 150/- (Rs 100 + Rs 50 refundable security).
  • - Three Day Card: at a cost of Rs 300/- (Rs. 250 + Rs 50 refundable security)
  • Refund of Smart Card
  • - Refund of Electronically Readable store value smart cards: - The Electronic balance plus security deposit (not in case of physically damaged cards) of a smart card is refundable. During refund, processing charge of Rs.25/- will be deducted irrespective of the condition of the card.

  • -If Smart Card becomes electronically unreadable, it can be deposited at Customer care Centre of any metro station against which a printed receipt will be issued to passengers.

  • - Unreadable Smart Card deposited in full shall only be considered for refund of balance amount.

  • - Balance amount of the Card and security deposit (if physical condition of the card is OK) amount is refunded to the commuter after four working days from the date of submission of the card.

  • - Passengers must claim refund of their electronically unreadable cards by producing the receipt within 90 days from date of submission of the card. Thereafter the refundable amount shall be forfeited.

  • In case loss of passenger foil of Unreadable Card, NCR/ FIR is required to support the claim.

  • (C)  Token:

  • -Commuters can purchase single journey tokens from Ticket counters/TVMs of all stations.
  • - Journey is permitted for one way only.
  • - Tokens are valid only for the day of its purchase.
  • - Minimum Fare is Rs. 8/- and maximum is Rs. 42/- (fares are subject to revision from time to time).
  • - A passenger can refund an unused token within 60 minutes of its issue at the same station.

  • Touch machine yatri card Balance checker

    • How to use your Token:
    • - For entry, hold your token close to the machine for the gates to open.
    • - For exit, drop the token into the machine.
    • How to use your Smart Card/ Tourist Card:
    • - For entry, exhibit your travel card at the entry gate for the flaps to open.

    • - For exit, exhibit your travel card at the exit gates for the flap to open. While exiting, commuters may note that fare is deducted from the card. If not, contact the Customer Care Operator to avoid inconvenience at later stage.

    Instructions to Smart Card Holders/ Travel Card Holders:

    • 1.   In case of any difficulty, contact Customer Care Operator for assistance.

    • 2.  Smart cards are transferable and can be used for multiple journeys. But it can be used by only one passenger at a time. Any entry on a travel card must be followed by a valid exit from the system.

    • 3.  If a passenger performs entry and exit from same station, Rs. 8/- shall be deducted from his Smart Card under normal conditions.

    • 4.  The maximum permissible time for entry/exit from the same station is 20 minutes and for entry/exit from different stations is 170 minutes. For stay beyond the permissible limits, a penalty of Rs 10/- per hour subject to a maximum of Rs 50/- shall be charged from the passenger in cash.

    • 5.   If a passenger performs simultaneous entry and exit at the same station, i.e. making pseudo entry or exit at AFC gates, a penalty of Rs 50/- plus maximum fare of Delhi Metro will be charged from the passenger and manual penalty receipt shall be issued.

    • 6.  In case of any mismatch in entry/exit, passenger shall be charged as per relevant Metro rules.

    • 7.   All penalties/charges shall be payable by cash only.

    • Note: - Return journey shall invite penalties as per prevailing Rules of DMRC.