Delhi Metro Launches Public Bicycle Sharing Facility

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) today launched the first software based ‘Public Bicycle Sharing scheme (PBS)’ as per which commuters will now be able to take cycles on rent from a residential area and travel to the nearest Metro station and then again rent a cycle from a departing Metro station to the nearby localities.

To make this experience more convenient, automation software has also been put in place as per which, the cycle users will be able to use cycles at multiple destinations with the help of a rechargeable smart card. Updates about the travel along with details of the charges will be sent to the users via sms and email.

The first such facility was inaugurated at the Saket Metro station and its neighbouring locality, Neb Sarai. Therefore, now a commuter can take a cycle from Neb Sarai, park it at the Saket Metro station, take the Metro to Vishwavidyalaya and then again take a cycle to reach his college or vice versa where this facility is currently available.

Along with the above, two more bicycle rental shelters were also opened simultaneously at Hauz Khas and Akshardham Metro stations, from where, now cycles will be available on rent for commuting to the nearby localities. The possibility of starting the ‘Public Bicycle Sharing scheme’ from the nearby areas of these stations also will be explored for better commuting experience. In the coming months, three more cycle rental stands shall be opened at the Dwarka Sector -14, Shastri Park and MG Road Metro stations.

DMRC has been operating a cycle rental service at the Vishwavidyalaya Metro station successfully for the last six years in association with an organization called ‘Greenolution’. Now, this new facility, oriented towards providing last mile connectivity as well as eco-friendly travel options, has been started in a fresh tie up with the same organization.

However, the cycle rental facility shall be provided only after thorough verification of the commuters. Interested commuters will have to fill up an easy form at the beginning to avail the facility. This form may be collected from all cycle shelters or can be downloaded from: www.greenolution.in.The three stands at Saket, Hauz Khas and Akshardham have 18 cycles each while the Neb Sarai shelter houses 20 cycles.

The charges for using the cycle facility is Rs. 10/- per hour or part thereof. The facility will remain in operation during summers from 8 AM till 8 PM, while during winters; the timing will be from 8 AM till 7 PM. On Sundays, the service will be available only till 4 PM.


For online registration and other information please click on www.greenolution.in

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