DMRC To Induct Two Six-Coach Trains By The End Of This Month On Line-3.

For the first time, the Delhi Metro will be inducting in its fleet two six-coach trains before the end of this month on Line-3 (Dwarka Sector 21 to NOIDA City Centre) to cater to the passenger rush. DMRC is presently in the process of testing and commissioning of these two trains. Extensive tests and trial runs are being done on a daily basis during night on Line-3 so that they are put into passenger service before the end of December.

The process of converting a four-coach train into a six-coach train involves lot of technical expertise for carrying out the necessary integration and commissioning activities. New coaches (2 Nos.) are introduced in the existing four-coach trains to form a six-coach train. Thereafter, a team of 7-8 dedicated DMRC engineers and contractors’ engineers take charge of this new train and carry out several rounds of testing to make it ready for passenger service. Tests involved are for ensuring proper functioning of all safety and performance related function including passenger interface items. Some of the tests are:

Rolling Stock Tests –
1. Brake and pneumatics system up-gradation and its compatibility for six-coach train.
2. Integration of two new coaches in the train based computer network system.
3. Passenger Announcement and Passenger Information System related software commissioning.

Dynamic Tests:  Once the rolling stocks tests are successfully completed, dynamic tests are conducted to check the movement of train on mainline and its response to signalling, telecommunication and other trigger signals for smooth running of train.

Service Trial: Finally, the service trials are conducted to check that the train is responding well to all the system installation on mainline and if any discrepancy is observed, remedial action is taken swiftly to make it fit for revenue services. These tests normally last 5 – 7 days and after receipt of safety certificate from independent assessor, the train is declared fit for revenue services.

DMRC is ensuring that everyday a team of 7-8 engineers work on these six-coach trains. During the night tests are carried out on mainline. These mainline tests are conducted during night only as it is not possible to run them during day time because of high frequency of passenger service at that time. Till now, the engineers have completed all rolling stock tests and within next ten days they are like to complete the dynamic tests and service trials to make the first ever six-coach train ready for passenger service in the Delhi Metro.

The additional coaches would be able to carry about 600 more passengers per train trip. A four-coach train has a carrying capacity ranging from 1200 to 1500 passengers. The six-coach train will be able to carry about 1800 to 2100 passengers per train trip.

At present, DMRC has commissioned 188 train sets of 4-coaches each and by the end of 2011 the fleet will have 208 trains. Out of 208 train sets, 113 trains will be of four-coaches and 95 trains will have six-coaches.


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