DMRC Installs India's Highest Monopole Towers on Noida Corridor

 The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) Ltd. for the first time has installed six (06) Monopole Towers for Uttar Pradesh Power Transmission Corporation Ltd. (UPPTCL) at Noida Sector – 34 on its under construction corridor from Noida Sector 34 to Electronic City. These Monopole Towers are 61.2 mts high, the highest for any Monopole Tower in India.

            A Monopole Tower is a new type of electricity and Wi – Fi Transmission Tower which takes up less space as compared to the conventional Tower (also called Lattice Tower).

            The electricity transmission lines of UPPTCL were infringing the alignment of the corridor in Sector 34, hence DMRC decided to raise the height of these transmission lines. The area is heavily populated and also sees a great volume of traffic on a daily basis, hence raising the height of the towers was not an easy task.

The decision to install Monopole Towers in place of the conventional Lattice Towers was taken to reduce land requirement and save land cost. The space required by a conventional transmission tower was 245 sq mts per tower, whereas one Monopole Tower required only 33.26 sq mts land. Each Monopole Tower weighs around 40 tonnes. To further curtail the requirement of land, two transmission lines were clubbed into one Monopole Tower.

These Monopole Towers were erected using heavy duty cranes of 400 tonnes capacity. Heavy machinery and trailesr were also used in the erection of these towers, which was extremely difficult considering the densely populated area. DMRC took adequate safety precautions while erecting the Monopole Towers. Testing of the entire structure was done by experts from IIT Mumbai and IIT Roorkee.

DMRC received ample support and cooperation from UPPTCL, Noida Authority and the local residents.

This completely elevated corridor from Noida Sector 34 to Electronic City is approx. 6.8 kms long and comprises of 06 stations.


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