The Delhi Metro will be introducing QR code based ticketing facility for travel on Airport Express Line from Sunday i.e, 16th September 2018. With the introduction of this facility, commuter’s using Delhi Metro’s Airport Express Line will be able to use the QR Code generated on their smart phones instead of smart cards or tokens to travel.

This system of QR code based ticketing through smart phones will enable passengers to purchase tickets using ‘Ridlr App’ without physically coming to the Metro station. The process to generate QR Code is as given below: -
  1. Download the Ridlr application from playstore (available on both android & IOS platforms) and register into the App with your valid credentials including mobile no. and email- id.
  2. Proceed to buy a QR ticket by selecting the origin station and destination station.
  3. Select no. of passengers (Maximum 6 at a time). App will display the fare for the selected journey.
  4. Pay the fare using internet banking/credit/debit card. User will receive a notification.
  5. App will display the QR code for the journey. User can tap the QR enabled AFC entry gates of the Metro stations on Airport Line. The AFC gate will open and user can commence journey
  6. At the exit, user needs to tap the QR Code again at the exit AFC gate. The gates will open and the journey will conclude.All six Metro stations of Airport Express Line have been provided with a set of two AFC gates each for entry and exit through QR enabled system (Refer Pic)

Date: 14.09.2018

Additional Information:
  • A new QR code/ ticket can be purchased only after the last purchased ticket have been exited with or the same (unused or partially used) have expired after end of the business- day.
  • Sale of QR code/ tickets via the App will be permitted from 04:00 am  till 10 minutes prior to last advertised train timing
  • The QR shall be valid for use on the business day of purchase only and up to the availability of last train. This is subjected to the following conditions:
  •    i.         New QR codes can be purchased between 04:00 Hrs - 10 minutes prior to last advertised train timing

       ii. Unused QR codes will expire automatically after 23:59 Hrs

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