1. The Government of India had set up the 4th Fare Fixation Committee in May-2016 to recommend the fares of Delhi Metro as per the provisions of Delhi Metro Rail (Operation & Maintenance) Act, 2002. The FFC is a three member committee chaired by an existing and/or a retired judge of High Court and one representative each at the level of Additional Secretary from the Central Government & the State Government.
  2. The members of the 4th FFC were as under:
    • Justice M. L. Mehta, retired Judge of the High Court of Delhi as Chairman.
    • Shri K. K. Sharma, the then Chief Secretary, GNCTD.
    • Shri Durga Shanker Mishra (Additional Secretary, Ministry of Urban Development).
  3. The necessity of revision in fares was on account of increase in the cost of inputs viz. the staff costs, the cost of energy and the cost of repair & maintenance. Since constitution of the 3rd FFC, there has been increase in the rate of industrial DA by 95.5% (from 16.90% to 112.40%), rate of Central DA by 103% (from 22% to 125%) and average increase in the rate of minimum wages by 156.2%. The last fare revision took place in 2009 and the 4th FFC was set up after almost 07 years.
  4. The highlights of the revised fares are as under:
    • The fare revision will be implemented in two phases i.e. Phase-I that will be implemented with effect from 10th May 2017 and Phase-II that will be implemented from 1st October, 2017. There will be a total of six fare slabs as against the existing 15 fare slabs with a minimum fare of Rs.10 and a maximum fare of Rs.50 in the 1st Phase. The existing and revised fares are as under:


    • With a view to encourage ridership on Sundays and National Holidays (26th January, 15th August and 2nd October) special discounted fares have been approved. These are as under:  


      • 10% discount to be continued on every journey made by the passengers using Smart Card.
      • To avoid overcrowding during peak hours, an additional 10% discount will be given to the passengers using Smart Card who exit from metro system during off peak hours based on the following time zones:
        • Start of   revenue services to 08:00 AM.
        • From 12.00 Noon to 05.00 PM.
        • From 09:00 PM to closing of revenue service 
        The above discount is applicable from Monday to Saturday (weekdays) only. Thus, in all a passenger may avail 20% discount on smart card while travelling during the off-peak time.
        • Value of Tourist Card for 1 day and 3 days validity shall be Rs. 200/- and Rs. 500/- respectively including security deposit of Rs. 50/-.
        • There shall be no change in the fares of Airport Express Line. 
        • This is fourth time since the beginning of its operations in 2002 that Delhi Metro is revising its fares. When Delhi Metro started operations on 25th December 2002, the minimum fare was Rs. 4 and maximum was Rs. 8.
        • The 1st fare fixation committee was constituted in December 2003 and revised fares were adopted w.e.f March 31, 2004 (after a gap of one year and three months) with minimum fare of Rs. 6 and maximum Rs. 15.
        • The fares recommended by the 2nd fare fixation committee were made effective form 31st December 2005 (after a gap of one year and nine months) with minimum fare of Rs. 6 and maximum Rs. 22.
        • The 3rd fare fixation committee was constituted in June 2009 and fares were made effective from November 13, 2009 after a gap of 4 years (approx) with minimum fare of Rs. 8 and maximum Rs. 30.

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