Details pertaining to Train running on Blue line today-Fault rectification

 At 11.28 AM at Operation Control Centre (OCC) Metro Bhawan the view and control of the signalling and Automatic Train Control system  (Blue Line) was lost due to power failure. Restoration was as below :-


   11.32 am- Power restored

   11.43 am to -Full control resumed by OCC and restoration of IDs 

   began for all the trains of blue line one by one

   12.20 pm- Restoration of Train IDs gets completed and gradually normalcy    

    restored on entire blue line


·         In view of the above centralised operation of trains were not possible during the period as  train ids were lost, so every interlocking station of line -3 and 4 were told to operate trains at local (station) level.


·         In this scenario, interlocking stations were given permission to allow trains and control the movement of trains locally. There are 17 interlocking train stations in line – 3/4.


·         An interlocking station is the station where trains can change tracks and have reversal facility. Here the Station controllers managed the trains manually through tetra phone sets and gave direction to the Train operator on phone to go ahead.


·         Power failure at OCC were resumed at 11.32 AM and all control came back to OCC at11.43 AM. The OCC then started giving identification to each trains from 11.49 AM and completed this at 12.20 PM.


·         Train movement is normal after 12.20 AM and OCC started operating line 3 and 4 normally after that with bunching of trains caused by the above incident easing gradually.


·         Detailed investigation into the probable cause of the fault will be started in night after revenue hours and an alternative channel for power supply back up is also planned. 



Details about the line

Total No. of Stations on line 3-    43     

Total No. of Stations on line 4-     7   

                                                   Total -   50 Stations



Noida City Centre to Dwarka sec.21-    49 kms

Yamuna Bank –Viashali-                         8 kms 

                                  Total    -    57 kms


5 Intersections                                Interlocking stations

Dwarka Sec-21                                 Seventeen (17)

Kirti Nagar

Rajiv Chowk

             Mandi House 

Yamuna Bank




Anuj Dayal

Executive Director

Corporate Communications 

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