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Details of Appellate Authorities and Central Public Information Officer

S.No. Appellate Authority Central Public Infomation Officer
1. Appellate Authority
Shri. D.K.Saini
Director (Project)
8th Floor, Metro Bhawan, Fire Brigade Lane,
Barakhamba Road,New Delhi – 110001
TeleFax : 011-23418307
Email id: dp@dmrc.org
Central Public Information Officer
Gp Capt Sanjay V Kute
General Manager/ Legal
1st Floor, C Wing, Metro Bhawan , Fire Brigade Lane,
Barakhamba Road, New Delhi – 110001
EPBAX : 011-23418408
Email : cpiodmrc@gmail.com

                                                                                                      Transparency Officer
                                                                                                      Shri. A.K. Garg,
                                                                                                      Executive Director