travelling by metro
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Reach The Station

The Metro is currently running between Dilshad Garden to Rithala covering a distance of 25.1 Km. There are 21 stations on this route. The Metro trains run from 6 A.M. in the morning till 11 P.M. in the night when the last service starts from Dilshad Garden and Rithala respectively. Metro trains are available at a frequency of 3.30 minutes during peak time. At present about 29 trains are running on Line No.1 (Dilshad Garden - Rithala).

There are currently twenty one stations. They are Dilshad Garden, Jhilmil, Mansarovar Park, Shahdara, Welcome, Seelampur, Shastri Park, ISBT (Kashmere Gate), Tis Hazari, Pul Bangash, Pratap Nagar, Vivekanand Puri and Inder Lok (earlier Tri Nagar), Kanhiya Nagar, Kesahv Puram, Wazir Pur, Kohat Enclave, Pitam Pura, Rohini East, Rohini West, and Rithala. All Delhi Metro stations have the logo prominently displayed. All Stations are elevated except at Shastri Park which is at grade.

In addition line between Jahangirpuri – Huda city center covering a distance of 44.94 Kms is operational. There are 33 stations on Line II. They are Jahangirpuri, Aadarsh Nagar, Azadpur, Model Town, GTB Nagar, Vishwavidyalaya, Vidhan Sabha, Civil Lines, Kashmeri Gate, Delhi Main, Chandni Chowk, Chawri Bazar, New Delhi, Rajiv Chowk, Patel Chowk Central Secretariat and Huda city center.

In addition Line III is also operational between Noida City Center – Dwarka Sector 21 covering a distance of 49.94 Kms. There are 44 stations on Line III. They are NCC,Indraprastha, Pragati Maidan, Mandi House, Barakhamba, Rajiv Chowk, R.K. Ashram Marg, Jhandewalan, Karol Bagh, Rajendra Place, Patel Nagar, Shadipur, Kirti Nagar, Moti Nagar, Ramesh Nagar, Rajouri Garden, Tagore Garden, Subhash Nagar, Tilak Nagar, Janakpuri (East), Janakpuri (West), Uttam Nagar East, Uttam Nagar West, Nawada, Dwarka Mor, Dwarka. Dwarka Sector 14, Dwarka Sector 13, Dwarka Sector 12, Dwarka Sector 11, Dwarka Sector 10 ,Dwarka Sector 9,Dwarka Sector 8,and Dwarka Sector 21.

Choose Your Journey and Ticket options

The system map, ticket and fare information charts are displayed prominently when you enter the station.

The three lines of Delhi Metro are operational i.e Line I from Dilshad Garden to Rithala and Line II from Jahangirpuri to Huda City center and Line III from NCC to Dwarka Sector 21. Look at the map to select your destination station.

Direction of Travel :Dilshad Garden to Rithala is the DN track and Rithala - Dilshad Garden is the UP track

: Huda city center to Jahangirpuri is the UP track and Huda city center is the DN track.

NCC to Dwarka Sector 21 is the UP track and Dwarka Sector 21 to NCC is the DN track.

Types of Tickets : Choose the type of ticket you wish to purchase. They are:

  • Smart Card/Travel Card :Most convenient for the frequent commuter.Smart card can be purchased at a security deport of RS 50/- and a value of 50/- is a smart cad can be purchased at a minimum cost of Rs. 100/- and a value of A stored value card, Travel Cards can be recharged in a multiples of Rs 50/- to a maximum limit of Rs. 1000/-. Deposit of Rs 50/- payable at purchase (refundable on return of card)
    • Refundable Deposit: Rs.50 only
    • Validity: One Year from the date of purchase or one year from the date of recharge whichever is later.
    • Renewal: No extra charge
    • Facility to check balance on Card: Ticket Reading Machines at all Metro Stations.

  • Tourist Card : For unlimited travel over short periods. There are two kinds of cards - 1 day and 3 day.
    • Value of 1-Day Card: Rs 150
    • Value of 3-Day Card: Rs 300
    • Refundable Deposit: Rs 50/- payable at purchase (refundable on return of card)

  • Token : For a single journey only. Tokens are valid only on the day of purchase and the value depends on the destination. Look up the fare for your destination station on the Token table.

Enter Through The Ticket Gates

Proceed to the ticket gates that display an illuminated GREEN arrow. Please hold your ticket (Token or Card) close to the area indicating space for Smart Cards or token on the machine. If your ticket is valid, the gates to the left of the machine will open and you can enter the Paid Area.

Reach The Platform

You can use the escalator, Please keep to the left on the escalators lift or stairs to reach the platform. Lifts have been exclusively designed for the physically challenged only.

Board The Metro Train

While waiting for the train on the Platform always stand behind the Yellow line.

If you drop something on the track, NEVER try to retrieve it. Please report the circumstances to the Customer Support Staff immediately.

When the train arrives allow passengers to alight before you board.

Mind the gap between the train and the platform as you enter.

When you hear the warning signal and the Yellow door light flashes , indicating the closing of the doors, STOP. Do not attempt to rush through the doors.

Inside The Metro Train

Standing passengers should use the handgrips and stanchions.

Always keep clear of, and do not lean against the doors.

If you are seated, you are reminded to always offer your seat to those more in need.

Alight From The Metro Train

Route Maps are displayed inside the train above each of the doors.

The name of the next station will be announced over the Public Address system.

Mind the platform gap as you alight and follow the green exit signs to the ticket gates.

Exit Through The Ticket Gates

Proceed to the ticket gates that display an illuminated GREEN arrow.

Hold your CARD, close to the machine for Gates to open. If you have a Single-Journey TOKEN, insert it into the machine.

Leave The Station

Follow the Exit signs to leave the station.

Thank You.